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JD1030 - 10'' 30'' Wheel Straightening Machine

JD1030 Wheel Straightening Machine has been designed to use by each service operators who work in tyre and rim shops. It has special design to learn and use easier. Especially for  the healthy balancing operation we have to reduce the balance value on the wheels in acceptable conditions. It should be combined with wheel. We deliver various rim centering rings, piston extension arms, rim fixing kit, straightening heads, bead staightening with machines as standart accessories.

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Maximum Rim Diameter 10'' 30''
Maximum Rim Width 12''
Hydraulic Engine Power 0,757 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
Axle Engine Power 100 Hp, 100 rpm, 0,75 kw
Working Pressure 0-175 bar ( Standard 150 Bar )
Sound Level 70 dBA
Dimensions (mm) 1150*700*1950
Weight (kg) 705



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