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JDT1030 - 10'' 30'' Wheel Straightening & Lathe Machine
JDT1030 Wheel Straightening Machine has been designed for straightening rims from 10’’ to 30’’. It works with same principle of stable balance machines. The working principle is like balancing weight… giving opposite effects with mobil piston to inclined sides of the rims.  Design of the machine gives operation easiness for alloy and steel rims. The active hydraulic piston can operate each sides of bended rims. Damaged rims are easily fixed by JDT1030 Wheel Straightening Machine and operation take sometimes just a few minutes. Optional lathe apparatus lathes damaged edges of the rims after straightening process.
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Maximum Rim Diameter 10'' 30''
Maximum Rim Width 20''
Hydraulic Engine Power 0.37 kW, 50 Hz, 380 V 3 Phase
Axle Engine Power 100 Hp, 100 rpm, 0.75 kw
Working Pressure 0-200 bar ( Standard 150 bar )
Sound Level 70 dBA
Dimensions (mm) 1300*800*1700
Weight (kg) 500



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