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Model 2000P-2500P
Garage Technic is manufacturer of Industrial Parts Washing Machines in Konya, Turkey. The Parts Washer Machines are especially suited for metal cleaning, metal finishing and metal treatment with hot water and cleaning detergents.

We are designing and manufacturing superior quality and latest technology of stainless steel machines. Industrial Parts Washers can be used for metal cleaning, degreasing, pickling, phosphating, lubrication, passivation, corrosion protection, stripping, pre-painting, etc…
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Rotating Basket Diameter ( mm ) 1800 2150
Loading Height ( mm ) 700 700
Loading Capacities ( kg ) 800 1000
Pump Pressure ( bar ) 6 6
Pump Quantity ( pcs ) 3 4
Heater Power ( kw ) 22.5 22.5
Electric ( V / phase ) 380/3 380/3
Digital Timer ( minute ) 0-60 0-60
Digital Thermostat ( Cº ) 0-95 0-95
Cover System Pneumatic Pneumatic
Body Structure 430 Stainless 430 Stainless
Other Parts 4140 Steel 4140 Steel
Heat Insulation Standard Standard
Nozzle Quantity ( pcs ) 210 280
Automatic Ignition System Standard Standard
Automatic Basket Stop System Standard Standard
Cover Safety System Standard Standard
Loading Car Standard Standard
Height while Cover up ( cm ) 280 320
Machine Dimensions, width X lenght X height ( cm ) 210 X 230 X 200 240 X 290 X 250
Machine Weight ( kg ) 700 1000
Parts Washing Basket Standard Standard
Warranty 2 Year 2 Year

The Main Sectors for parts washing machine:
- Automotive services and garages
- Truck,Bus,Tractor,Construction Machinery services and garages
- Engine replacement and rectifying - Machined metal parts cleaning
- Auto spare part cleaning
- Mould cleaning - Cast cleaning
- Cleaning before coating and painting
- Sintered and powdered metals We use friendly technologies for the environment.
- The cleaning liquid can be used for several working cycles until it becomes an ineffective cleaner.
- Every cycle runs in a closed loop without drainage and don’t give liquid to outside.
- Working place remains clean.
- The waste cleaning liquid can be collected in the barrels or in sewage lagoons to protect environment.

Garage Technic parts washing machines have 650 mm to 2300 mm length, 350 mm to 700 mm height and 150 to 1000 kg loading capacity with our 8 standard machine model. We look forward to working with you to design an industrial parts washer suited to your industrial cleaning needs. We invite you to take a moment to review the many industrial part washer machines that we have. We are dedicated to providing the best possible solution for your parts cleaning needs.